Why We Do It

Remember that spark that got you hooked on playing music and your instrument? The joy and excitement and fun that kept you going to increase your skill level and abilities?
That’s what we work with! That’s why we do what we do.

I have some questions for you:

  • Are you playing better than you were last year?
  • How would it feel to raise your expectations of yourself and your music and kick your dreams into high gear?
  • What about having the right environment and support to do so – with an organization that has expertise and a proven track record, so you don’t have to figure it all out for yourself?

JazzLab Northwest is here to fill a void that has existed in jazz education and the adult jazz community for decades. Since many adult jazz musicians make their living outside of music, a common question they have is “Where can I go to play in a BAND setting?” With a hectic schedule, how can I re-connect with something that I truly love? As you may know, putting together a band is a lot of hard work for a full-time professional, let alone a part-time musician. Finding the right band members, instrumentation, preparing the music and scheduling rehearsals that everyone can make, can be very time consuming. Just about every educational environment out there is either geared for kids or it’s a group class or workshop that disbands every 8 -10 weeks. Another problem is that is can be disorganized and frustrating.

If you have had this experience then JazzLab Northwest is the answer. We are in partnership with Jazz Band Masterclass in Washington DC, a jazz community which over the last 15 years has helped hundreds of adult jazz students just like you play jazz as it was MEANT to be played, within the context of a

Regular…Ongoing…Year Round

small group made up of players with similar levels of expertise. The alternative to this is playing 2-3 solos all night at a poorly run jam session or, sitting home alone with some play-a-longs or YouTube videos.



Call Mike at 949-429-4062 or email us at mjjazzer@gmail.com