Who We Are

We are for you if you are an adult musician looking to make real improvement in your playing through regular playing opportunities, matched with a professional faculty who teach as well as they play, then we’ve got your back.

However, if you are looking for an occasional lesson or a “drop in whenever” type playing situation we are not for you. We appreciate jazz fans but they are not who we are here to serve. We’re not for everyone, but we might be for you.

My Passion for music started after receiving a guitar which I bugged my parents for six months to get me. I was 15 which is relatively late for most musicians. I learned songs from records (actual vinyl) in my early playing.

I learned more and more about music and was exposed to Jazz from some teachers. After a few years, I was increasingly drawn to Jazz. I wanted to make those sounds on my guitar but didn’t know what they were doing. I was in awe…the more I learned the more I wanted to learn. After a couple of years of classical only training in college (music theory, harmony, etc.) I decided to enroll in Dick Grove School of Music. It was known as the “West Coast Berklee”. At the time it was life changing for me as I finally got to learn how to play some of the things I heard others play.

My journey is still going to this day as Jazz is a lifelong study. Along the way I have taught many private students and have played with some of the best players in Los Angeles including Llew Mathews, Paul Kriebach, Luther Hughes, Kendall Kay, Bruce Lett, Chuck Manning, Dave Enos and many others.

I studied with Ted Greene, Ron Eschete, Joe DiOrio and many other top players. I have been playing for 43 years, gigging for 35 now and plan to keep growing and playing for many years to come.

I am pleased to be associated with Jeff Antoniuk and Jazz Band Masterclass which has a proven 15-year history of bringing first-rate teaching methods to adult Jazz players just like you.


Call Mike at 949-429-4062 or email us at mjjazzer@gmail.com