JazzLab Northwest Difference

The challenge facing ALL musicians is not finding short-lived semester-based workshops, academies, or summer camps, but is finding a Regular creative playing environment. Even as professionals, we don’t experience growth from one or two isolated gigs, but by playing in a regular group year-round. This is even more critical for the adult student, since they have less playing experience than the pros.

Taught by the owner of the company 80-90% of the time
Guest teachers will share Michael’s musical teaching approach but may give a different perspective using another instrument.

Make no mistake! We are not for everybody.
We do not offer separate ear training , improvisation, theory or arranging/composition classes.
We focus our teaching in the context of the small group so you can work out the concepts we teach right Then and There!

Private lessons are available to enhance your small group experience, but no private study can replace playing in a regular small group. We will never suggest you stop studying with your private teacher. JazzLab Northwest and private study are meant to work together!


Us Traditional/Other Programs
Group playing and development Individual lessons
YouTube videos/play-a-longs?
Serious, passionate adults
Ongoing group that builds momentum and musical rapport
Programs designed for kids
Performance band with 8-week program
Mostly reading duties
Not much room for individual growth
Continuous individual and group learning/growth Jam Sessions where you get to play 2-3 solos All Night in a poorly run format


Free to Observe
You may visit and observe a JazzLabNorthwest session at any time to experience the difference without charge. If you choose to play, they are $80 each and payable by check,  PayPal, or cash. No further commitment is required. All current students are billed for 2 sessions monthly with no obligation to continue. They come back because they agree that there is nothing like JazzLabNorthwest.

Try ONE Session!       


Call Mike at 949-429-4062 or email us at mjjazzer@gmail.com